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Health & Wellbeing

The Champion Programme

The Champion Programme is for employers who not only take the Health & Wellbeing of their staff very seriously but are “Champions” in this field and proudly want to promote their dedication to their staff and future employees, incorporating the concept as part of their core values.

The programme includes activities, presentations, workshops, demonstrations, medical tests and competitions plus access to online support tools.


Upon commencing the programme, the business will be provided with a selection of branded logos to display on their website, social media and any other relevant marketing or advertising materials.

MANAGER icon purple.png

Health & Wellbeing Manager

Dedicated to your business throughout
the 12 months.

MORTGAGE icon purple.png

Mortgage Clinics

Professional advice from qualified
mortgage advisors.

BOOKED SESSIONS icon purple.png

Health & Fitness sessions 

Pre booked sessions for massage,
osteopath, personal trainer, yoga, pilates.

PORTAL icon purple.png

Health & Wellbeing Portal

“Fuse” to centrally hold and record all
programme materials online.

FINANCIAL icon purple.png

Financial Advice

Professional advice from qualified
Financial Advisors covering areas such as pensions and investments.

MEDICAL icon purple.png


Medical assessments and tests;
COVID-19, flu jabs, steroid injections for
allergy sufferers, blood tests.

DESK icon purple.png

Desk Assessments

Review the workplace set up and advise on ergonomic improvements.

WILLS icon purple.png

Estate Planning

Professional advice on Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

MENTAL HEALTH icon purple.png

Workshops & Training

Mental health awareness and stress
management workshops and training.

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