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HR Services

Employee Relations

If you find yourself facing a difficult or challenging employee situation, we can support and advise you throughout.

It could be that the behaviour or conduct of one of your employees is becoming difficult to manage without the intervention of a formal process.


Another one of your employees could also be on the receiving end of this inappropriate behaviour and they submit a complaint to you.

In these situations, we encourage you to allow us to manage or at least support you with these situations.


Our wealth of HR expertise has provided us with extensive experience of dealing with these sometimes complex matters.

Should you wish to manage the situation yourself, but require the tools to do so, we can also provide a step by step guide on how to do so.


Along with accompanying documents such as meeting scripts we can also provide examples of investigation reports and template letters for each stage of the process.

Alternatively, if it would be beneficial for you to have an HR expert attend the meetings and manage the situation on your behalf, we can do this too.

ACAS mediation and Employment Tribunals also welcome the involvement of an independent HR expert, due to the impartiality that we bring to the process.

If at the end of the process or any point during, it is decided that the best course of action is to terminate the relationship between you and your employee, we can manage the exit for you and provide you with the appropriate legal documentation to finalise this.

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