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Health & Wellbeing

Forrest Health & Wellbeing help your business thrive through positive employee engagement and wellbeing in the workplace.

Staff who are stressed, run down, disillusioned or marginalised will not only exude lower morale but could also lead to higher employee turnover and recruitment costs.

Employee health and wellbeing programmes were traditionally the preserve of larger companies and initially viewed as ‘job perks’. However, embedding an employee health and wellbeing strategy that encourages optimal physical and mental health is now proving to be on most business owners’ radar.

Two transformational programmes, delivered by industry experts.

To promote this, Forrest Health & Wellbeing offer two bespoke programmes, delivered by industry experts, to help business owners support their employees in all aspects of life and encourage positive engagement within the workplace.

Our complementary programmes will give you indepth insight and understanding of your employees’ health and wellbeing, then provide you with the support and tools to build on the recommendations to create a more engaged, loyal and productive workforce.

If you’re already committed to putting health & wellbeing at the core of your business, dive straight into our Champions’ programme. But if you’re feeling your way, our Introductory programme will enable you to start making positive changes.

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Our Services


Introduction to 
Health & Wellbeing

Ensuring your human resources are in place andThis introductory programme will give you and your employees a better understanding of Health & Wellbeing in the workplace...


Health & Wellbeing Champion

The Champion Programme is for employers who not only take the Health & Wellbeing of their staff very seriously but are “Champions” in this field and proudly want to promote their dedication to their staff and future employees...

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Our Brochure

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For information about our Health & Wellbeing service, you can download our brochure here.

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