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HR Services

HR Revamp

We are passionate about people and helping our clients manage them in the best way possible, which is where our HR Revamp is a really useful one-off service.

If you already have employment contracts, worker agreements, employee handbook and other employment documents in place, we can review these for you.

Following our review, we will report back on any areas where you could be legally exposed and, where needed, be “revamped”.

Our recommendations will provide details on how to move forward with implementing these

Get Going

Ensuring your human resources are in place and working efficiently right from the get-go is crucial in making sure your company has the firm basis on which to grow.

Depending on what growth stage your business is at, there are various services and options available to ensure this important stage is done right.

ForrestHR can provide your business with the following:

  • Introduction of employment documents - standard contract, executive/director agreement, internship agreement, apprenticeship agreement and consultancy agreement. Tailored for your business and individualised for your staff and workers.

  • Employee handbook and other ad hoc policies and procedures.

  • HR Software – working in partnership with breatheHR, we can set up your staff data on this online HR information system. We can also provide ongoing management of the system if you would like us to.

All employment documents are reviewed by our employment law partners to ensure we remain legally compliant with everything that we provide to you.

We will provide you with full support and guidance on implementing these documents and the HR system, which will ensure you are confident to discuss these new documents with your staff.

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