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Coffee break interview with Jacqui Falvey - Director of Forrest Training Academy

How long have you been working in Training Jacqui?

Longer than I’d like to admit! Over 25 years.

How many training courses do you think you’ve run over the last few years?

I don’t know an exact figure, but I would say at least 50.

What has been your favourite course that you’ve ever run and why?

That would be a team building day that I created for a Housing Association in Basingstoke. They chose the venue of Marwell Zoo in Winchester and I created all the activities which took place around the zoo and designed the whole day. We also got to stay in the hotel on site where all the rooms are animal themed.

How long have you been with Forrest Training Academy?

Since July 2020, although I ran training courses under ForrestHR for a year before that.

What type of courses do you offer through FTA?

We have a number of courses that are ‘off the shelf’ that are scheduled for the remainder of the year. They are based around people skills and range from Introduction to Management and Communication Skills which are our 2 most popular courses, to Effective Appraisals, Motivation, Delegation and many more.

We can also create bespoke courses for a client’s needs, as well as team building days like the one I mentioned at Marwell Zoo.

What’s the next training course you have available?

That would be our Introduction to HR for Managers on the 26th April, it’s a half day course from 9.30am to 12.30pm and held over Zoom. We also have courses scheduled in for the remainder of the year, which are all detailed on our calendar on the website.

What does this course cover?

The course gives business owners and senior managers a basic understanding and knowledge of HR issues. We are still there to support the business, but this ensures processes are followed right from the start.

What’s next for FTA?

Expanding on our current courses and programmes. We are currently working on a Management Development Programme that will run for a period of 6 months giving managers all the skills and knowledge they need to be a great manager. This will also be an accredited course which is very exciting.

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